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Runway on the Runway is a prom themed fashion show for teenagers.  It aims to raise awareness of teenage cancer and fundraising supports Teenage Cancer Trust.



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Around 500  young people are diagnosed with cancer here in the North West of England.  Treatment can be harsh on their appearance - loss of hair due to chemotherapy, bloating and sickness, not to mention the extreme tiredness that accompanies it and the frequent visits to hospital.  

Most young cancer patients also have to take time off school as their immune system is vulnerable. Whilst their friends get ready for exams and their end of year parties some experience a degree of social isolation as they find it hard to join in.  Also, lack of confidence and self esteem caused by the treatment makes going to prom feel like a pipe dream.

At Runway on the Runway HQ, we want to make sure that this is not the case. 

The Cinderella Project was born form the Runway on the Runway Fashion Show.  Alisha, daughter of top USA designer Sherri Hill. insisted we kept the dresses she lent us for the fashion show on condition we passed them on to any deserving young lady who has either just finished or is going through cancer treatment and is getting ready for her school prom, leavers party or any such special occasion..  The Cinderella Project offers a complete  make-over service to make sure that these deserving young ladies are the "Belle of the Ball". 

For our Cinderella's we offer a complete styling service to make sure that they have a dream dress to wear. As well as having our stunning collection of Sherri Hill & Little Mistress dresses, we have also teamed up with evening wear  boutique Diamonte, Harvey Nichols Manchester, Benefit Make-Up, Trevor Sorbie Salons and BK Limos to make sure all our Cinderella go to their prom!

Lucie Carrington was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma when she was 15yrs old, here she tells us how it felt to be going through treatment on the run up to her school prom. 


Click here to watch our special report on Granada News

Watch our Beautiful Cinderella's as the enjoy Prom Night.

If you know any special young ladies who meet our criteria, and want to nominate them for a Cinderella Prom make-over, please contact



Demi was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 13. Now 18 years old , she is gradually getting back to leading a normal life. Demi was given a special Cinderella makeover last year for her 18th birthday party and she wowed us all in her gorgeous Sherri Hill dress.


Demi was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma (a brain tumour) which measured at a massive 5x4.5 cm diameter on the 2nd of October 2011 at the age of 13.

Following the brain surgery she was diagnosed with a rare condition called Posterior Fossa Syndrome which has affected her balance and coordination. 5 years post surgery I am still battling to regain my ability to walk independently . Soon after surgery they discovered that the fluid in her brain was building up and applying pressure to the brain which can be very dangerous if left untreated further head surgery was necessary. During this time Demi caught a number of very serious life threatening infections including pneumonia, meningitis and sepsis.  She was was also unable to eat or drink for 3 years and had to be fed via a gastrostomy tube which was located directly into her stomach. Demi missed almost 2 years of high school education but later rejoined and managed to successfully achieve four GCSE's. After high school she went straight into sixth form college and achieved a double award A-Level.

Demi says “Since the end of treatment all of my routine MRI scans have come back clear. The treatment I received for my brain tumour was harsh and has had a very negative effect on my body, leaving me with numerous health conditions. I am a survivor who still battles daily to try and live some form of a normal life. I am very lucky to be still here to share my story. " Demi


We gave Demi a fabulous styling day in preparation for her 18th birthday party!



Lauren has been receiving treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma.  We styles Lauren at Diamante in Bramhall where she found her perfect prom dress.

Lauren Says “The Cinderella project helped me feel comfortable in my own skin by providing hand-tailored dresses that fit my perfectly and beautiful makeup done by Benefit. My body had (and still has) loads of funny marks and bumps in places, and because I had a dress styled and altered for me, I was able to feel comfortable in my own skin for once in my teenage years. It really helped to boost my confidence over my own body after what the treatment had done to it.”



“When I was 12 years old, I was busy ice skating, playing netball, and swimming. I was in every club possible; until I started to feel dizzy and sick. After a very long wait, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour in May 2013, and was finally rushed to hospital where an MRI scan showed the severity of my tumour. On the Tuesday 7th May I had surgery to remove my tumour.
When I woke up from the anaesthetic I was fine, until a few hours later when It was discovered that I had a life changing condition called Posterior Fossa Syndrome. My body returned to a new born baby's; I could not move, could not talk, could not swallow nor eat and drink. My facial nerves became paralysed any I lost my ability to smile and even close my eyes! I spent the next 4 long months in QMC hospital - Nottingham - before moving to a rehabilitation centre in Surrey for another 4 months. During my time in Surrey my tumour, which had previously been removed by the surgery, started to regrow, and it was decided that chemotherapy was the right option to stop my tumour growing larger. The doctors decided on a very long, 81 week, course of chemo. Over these weeks, I had good days and bad. Some days I felt really unwell and sick and other days I felt completely fine. During this time I carried on with my rehab therapies, trying to get stronger and learn to walk again. I returned to school, for short periods at first but gradually increasing to full days.  
I have been determined to attend my school prom, and hope to walk in on my crutches. My mum read about Runway on the Runway’s Cinderella Project and thought it would be lovely for me to have a beautiful dress and have my hair done, after everything I've been through in the past 3 years.”  KATY




Emma has incurable cancer. Her cancer journey began in 2010 when she was 12 years old. Diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her right leg she went through months and months of gruelling treatment only to be told that due to a million to one chance ,  her left leg had been affected too. Further scans revealed that the cancer had also spread to her lungs and ribs.

Emma has spent months and months in hospital and has undergone countless operations.  Always positive and surrounded by her family, Emma has rallied and despite many setbacks and anxieties she is back in education studying for a qualification in care.

We found out that due to hospitalisation, Emma missed her prom and also her 16th birthday.  We decided that we had to do something very special for Emma so we pulled out all the stops and threw her a “Sweet 17th “ party.

First stop was at the Trevor Sorbie salon in Spring Gardens where stylist to the stars Vince Allenby created Emma's dream look.  Next stop was the Only Fingers & Toes salon at Harvey Nichols in Manchester where Emma was treated to glam nails and last but not least the Chanel make-up counter where Francesca Vita transformed our young lady into a gorgeous model ready for her photo-shoot at Boss models with celebrity photograpger Tony Blake.

Her surprise party turned into a very memorable eveing for Emma and all her her family and friends; a limo ride, a fab cake and great food and party atmosphere topped by a marrige proposal......

Emma told us " My Cinderella experience was face still hurts from smiling all evening!"


Big thanks to everyone mentioned above who made this evening possible as well as BK Limos, Julie Holland from CL Events, Dianne Lynne from The Events Co, Alec Baguley Photographer, DJ Lewis Barlow, Gareth Turner from Soundbase Solutions & Pete Baxter from North West Productions who all helped make it even more special.




Emma's Slide Show


Melissa, 16,  visited our Cinderella wardrobe for her prom dress.

Melissa who was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma last year. has just completed her treatment at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospitaltold us  “I didn’t feel beautiful enough to go to my prom, losing my hair, eyelashes and my eyebrows was devastating and I felt that everyone was going to stare at me.  When I heard about the Cinderella Project I was a bit apprehensive but after I spent a few hours choosing my dress I knew that I could feel beautiful again.

The team at Harvey Nichols, in particular Dani from Stila, and the Fingers & Toes girls were fantastic.  I had eyebrows, eyelashes and glam nails again. It was a special very day.  The icing on the cake was when the limo came to pick us up. I felt normal again, in fact, better than normal.  I felt like a princess and everyone was welcome to stare this time. 


Melissa's Slide Show


In October 2013 exactly 20 days after turning 14, Meg was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid leukaemia (AML).  Confined to hospital for nearly 10 months , this was the struggle of her life.   Even though Meg has been in remission since April 2014,  she often dreams that she has lost all her hair again and wakes up in the middle of the night crying . Terrified of attending her regular check ups in case she ends up back in hospital, she continues to struggle with depression and anxiety on a daily basis.

Meg picked a lovely dress from our Cinderella wardrobe which she wore to her fabulous “Sweet 16th” birthday party in October.

Megan's Slide Show